39 Paarlatsillugit

qungatsimut tutsillugit

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Saamik Siumut Left, Forwards 8 point
SaamikTunumut Left, Backwards 7 point
Talerpik Siumut Right, Forwards 8 point
Talerpik Tunumut Right, Backwards 7 point

Set Up

  • arms crossed, alternate grips, chin rests on knuckles of palm facing away

Helpful Hints

  • take feet out to side trying to fully stretch out horizontally


Must move around the rope. No jumping. Chin may not come away from knuckle.

Acceptable Habits:

  • hands touch
  • forward and backward variations done in succession without legs leaving rope


The competitor has to maintain contact between the chin and the hand. It is virtually impossible to rotate completely around without swinging the legs to one side.