40 Kiillugu


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Saamik Siumut Left, Forwards 9 point
SaamikTunumut Left, Backwards 8 point
Talerpik Siumut Right, Forwards 9 point
Talerpik Tunumut Right, Backwards 8 point

Set Up

  • palms towards face, rope between teeth

Helpful Hints

  • brace rope tightly with forearms so very little weight is taken by teeth
  • bring torso to full horizontal after feet get to rope
  • twist rope into ankle to secure control


Must move around the rope. No jumping. Both ropes must remain in teeth before leg leaves rope.

Acceptable Habits:

  • one of the two lengths of rope comes out of teeth
  • forward and backward variations done in succession without legs leaving rope


Get your cameras out for this one.