All Moves

Want to know everything that is out there? This page lists all of the low ropes moves in competition order. They are theoretically listed from easiest to most difficult although you may not find this to be true for you all the time. The number of points that you score for each move increases as you move down this list.

For a review of competition rules click here.

Akulaammillugu (1)Akullammillugu Oqaatsuaasaarneq (2)Oqaatsuaasaarneq Peqqullugu (3)Peqqullugu Tunuussineq (4)Tunuussineq up and back
Tunuussineq (5)Tunuussineq both up Palluusineq (6) Palluusineq (7) Singernermillugu (8)Singernermillugu
Singernermillugu (9)Singernermillugu Feet Together Singernermillugu (10)Singernermillugu One Leg Wrap and One Hand Singernermillugu (11)Singernermillugu Feet Together one hand Kimmimminneq (12)Kimmimminneq-e1400436750132 CORRECT
Qajaasaarneq (13) Qajaasaarneq Qajaasaarneq (14)Qajaasaarneq Elbow Qajaasaarneq (15)Qajaasaarneq One Rope Qajaasaarneq (16)Qajaasaarneq Pick Up
Qajaasaarneq (17) Qajaasaarneq (18)


Qajaasaarneq (19) Qajaasaarneq x5 Nammaassaariarneq (20)Nammaasaarianeq
Nammaassaariarneq (21)Nammaasaarianeq Hanging Ingilluni (22)Ingilluni Ingilluni (23)Ingilluni Swinging Ingilluni (24)Ingilluni Along Rope
Ingilluni (25)Ingilluni Cross Arms Qupaloraarsuusaarneq (26)Qupaloraaruusaarneq Qivittuusaarneq (27)Qivittuusaarneq