tallormillugu sekund ilersorlugu


SaamikLeft Hand1 point for every 5 seconds
TalerpikRight Hand1 point for every 5 seconds

*Note: At the 2014 competition in Qaqortoq the point value was changed to 1 point for every second.

Set Up

  1. Grip the rope with both hands touching, palms facing in.
  2. Place your chin directly over one hand.
  3. Let go with the other hand and place behind your back.

Helpful Hints

  • take some of the weight with arm and some with chin
  • avoid swinging excessively


The timer starts once one hand is behind your back.

Time stops when:

  • feet touch ground
  • other hand grabs rope
  • chin slips off of hand
  • competitor drops off of rope

Acceptable Habits:

  • getting in position with both hands on rope before timer starts
  • waving to the crowd after first putting free arm behind back


This is one of only two moves that do not involve rotating around the ropes. The goal is to hang on as long as you can. Some competitors skip kisitsineq altogether because it is very tiring and also does not yield as many points as many of the other advanced maneuvers. Yet others can hand for longer than half a minute.