tiguinnarlugu sekund ilersorlugu


Saamik Left Hand 1 point for every 2 seconds
Talerpik Right Hand 1 point for every 2 seconds

*Note: At the 2014 competition in Qaqortoq the point value was changed to 2 points for every second.

Set Up

  1. Grip the rope with both hands touching, palms facing in.
  2. Lit your chin off of your hands and lace your chin directly over one hand.
  3. Let go with the other hand and place behind your back.

Helpful Hints


The timer starts once one hand is behind your back.

Time stops when:

Acceptable Habits:


All the weight is supported with one arm. This is considerably more difficult than the previous version where the chin rests on the hand. At one point for every two seconds there are theoretically 600 points available in 20 minutes, but in practice one minute is borderline impossible.