Who are we?

We are avid kayakers that have caught the Greenlandic bug. From carving paddles to building skin-on-frames to playing Greenlandic games, we love to explore the Greenlandic qajaq culture. In the past few years, we have attended and even had the pleasure of mentoring at several Greenlandic qajaq events. It’s the people and the culture that make this niche of kayaking so much fun. There is always something new to challenge yourself with, something different to bring out your child at heart. It is because of this that we are working to compile a lot of knowledge and information about Greenland Ropes into one place, with the of other ropes mentors.

Why the website?

In learning some Greenlandic Ropes we have seen that, apart from direct instruction at a few events across the United States, there is very little information out there that can help you learn Greenland Ropes. We’d like to help make these skills and culture more accessible. Hence, the website… A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Where do you fit in?

If we are in your area, come join us on the ropes or in the water, rolling as we practice and teach new skills. If we are too far away, attend an event or contribute to the conversation online. We are developing this content and instructions to try to get the word out and help others grow their skills in Greenlandic Ropes. There are a lot of great hints and techniques out there. Come share them with us and the community.