Low Ropes

Wrap a kayak strap multiple times around each tree anchor, as high as you can reach, and secure. (Placing the strap around the tree just above a knot or base of a branch helps in limiting slippage down the tree.)

  1. Fold the main rope in half and tie an overhand knot at the fold.
  2. Tie a similar loop on the other end of the rope. You may adjust this rope for length and tension as needed. (The ropes should not be allowed to slide through the carabiner, causing one rope to be longer than the other.)
  3. Use an appropriately rated carabiner to clip the tied ends of the rope to ONE of the wraps of the strap on each tree.
  4. The rope should sag to about chest height under its own weight, or your belly button if you stand in the middle of your anchors and pull it down. Adjust the length of rope between the two knots as needed to adjust for tension. The height of the webbing on the tree can also be adjusted.

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