Greenland Ropes Mentors

Greenland National Champion and Judge
TimGallawayTim Gallaway

After graduating from Lake Superior State University with a mechanical engineering degree, Tim embarked on a solo and self-supported kayak expedition that would take him from his home waters of the Great Lakes along historic water routes through Canada to the edge of the sea on the shores of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Many people have said it was a trip of a lifetime but he would disagree, it was his first trip of a lifetime. Tim loves paddling—he surfs, he rolls, and he’s Qajaq USA’s official midwest ropes guy!

NateApgarNate Apgar

Nate has been an avid practitioner of Allunaariaqattaarneq for about nine years. He feels that performing and mentoring ropes has made him a better athlete on and off the water. Nate has been teaching and demoing ropes for QajaqUSA events, colleges, athletes, friends, clients, random strangers, and scouting events over the past few years.

059Nick Steffey Nick began as a canoeist but quickly became hooked on kayaking several years back. He is one of the few people who began learning ropes before plunging into the world of Greenland kayaking.
SarahApgarSarah Apgar

Sarah has been paddling ever since she could hold a paddle and has been doing Allunaariaqattaarneq for seven years now. She first got into it when her dad came home with Dubsides DVD and said something about “well if you can’t do it…” That’s the only part that she remembers. They set it up and started to figure out the moves. Nate and she have been egging each other on ever since.

P6230231.JPGMadie Murphy

At age 18, Madie has been paddling half of her life. She enjoys being right side up in a kayak almost as much as she enjoys being upside down. She is also a mentor of Greenland Ropes and it is her life’s greatest ambition to conquer Qivittuusaarneq.

Danielle Steffey

Danielle began Greenland Ropes at QajaqTC in Michigan and was hooked ever since. There is a lot of culture and skills surrounding Greenland kayaking and she is passionate about helping others explore and learn from all the different components, especially Allunaariaqattaarneq.

DavidSidesDavid Sides

As a former gymnast, Dave was drawn to the ropes as they are quite similar to exercises on parallel bars and the high bar.   Seeking venues to gain more experience, Dave started attended the Michigan Training Camp and the Delmarva Retreat in Delaware. As a former coach and teacher Dave found a new avenue for his passion of helping others learn and improve. Consequently, Dave has helped improve the way the ropes were taught so that they are safe and fun to learn!

MaligiaqPadillaMaligiaq Padilla

Maligiaq’s greatest passion lies in sharing the Greenlandic qajaq culture through teaching paddling, rolling, building, and rope gymnastics. He has taught in his home country of Greenland as well as Canada, Denmark, England, Italy, Japan, Spain, Iceland, and more the ten states in the United States. Not to mention that he is a nine time Greenland National Champion and the youngest to ever hold that title at 16…

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