These ‘Starters’ are the moves that we find most people begin with. Different people will start on different one depending on their own comforts and strength. If this is your first time trying your hand at Greenland Ropes, start by learning one of these most first!


This move is a great move to begin with. It is an easy position to get into and feels secure throughout the move. If you do fall out of the position, you will be left with the ropes beneath one knee and should still be holding on with two hands. Some men prefer not to start with this move due to the positioning of the rope.


This move is difficult to get into, however, once in position, the corkscrew motion is very natural and relatively easy. This is a hard move to fall out of. Instead, people generally just let themselves down if they are not able to complete the move.


This move is less mentally intimidating that the rest, as you are not ‘tangled up’ in the rope and aren’t really going upside-down. Just like Pallussineq, the corkscrew motion required for this move is relatively easy when starting with your leg. It is a little more difficult with the shoulder fist, so save that for next.


This move is great for anyone who can jump high! If you can’t jump that high, you can also lower the rope a little to give yourself an advantage. This is a lot of fun, since it is ultimately like doing an assisted backflip. Again, going forward is more difficult, so tackle going backward first.