Tunuussineq, niaqoq qulaallugu illuttut tigullugu



Saamik Siumut Left, Forwards 3 points
Saamik Tunumut Left, Backwards 3 points
Talerpik Siumut Right, Forwards 3 points
Talerpik Tunumut Right, Backwards 3 points

Set Up
1. Sit on the rope facing an anchor with a leg on either side.
2. Lean back.
3. Cross your feet under the rope and point your toes inward to pinch the rope.
4. Grip the rope with both hands stacked directly above your head, palms up.

Directions – Forward/Backward
1. Rotate to flip under the rope.
2. Use your core strength, contracting your entire body to stay as close to the rope as possible throughout the move.
3. Driving from your hips, corkscrew around the rope to the starting position.

*This move is demanding on your shoulders. Exercise extreme caution if you have any shoulder injuries.