Illuinnarmiknissup aappaa avammut



Saamik Siumut Left, Forwards 2 points
Saamik Tunumut Left, Backwards 2 points
Talerpik Siumut Right, Forwards 2 points
Talerpik Tunumut Right, Backwards 2 points

Set Up
1. Stand in front of the ropes facing forwards.
2. Lift one of your legs out to the side, up, over, and around the ropes, hooking the rope behind your toe.
3. Gently lower your body down beneath the ropes.
4. With the same hand as your leg, reach up behind the rope and wrap your arm around it once. Let your other hand hang.

Directions – Backward
1. Begin with your free leg. Keeping it extended, move it forward then up and around the rope.
2. Drive your hips to continue the corkscrew to bring your hips, shoulders, and arm over the ropes.
3. Once over the ropes, be sure to gently lower yourself to the starting position in order to ensure that you do not injure your shoulder or fall out of the position before you finish.

Directions – Forward
1. Pull down on the rope with your arm to pull your shoulder to the rope.
2. Drive your hips to rotate your shoulder over the rope to begin the rotation.
3. Continue rotating around the rope following your shoulders with your hips, then your free leg.