Saamik SiumutLeft, Forwards2 points
Talerpik SiumutRight, Forwards2 points

Set Up

  1. Stand behind the ropes facing forwards.
  2. Lift one of your legs out to the side, up, forward, and over the rope, just hooking your heel.
  3. Gently lower your body down beneath the ropes.
  4. With the same hand as your leg, grip the rope at about your chest.
  5. With your other hand stretch along the ropes and grip as far up as you can reach with your thumb out.


Directions – Forward

  1. Pull down on the rope with your arm to pull your shoulder to the rope.
  2. Drive your hips to rotate your shoulder over the rope to begin the rotation.
  3. Continually twist your rope leg to keep your ankle hooked on the rope.
  4. Continue rotating around the rope following your shoulders with your hips, then your free leg.


*If you find yourself losing your heel, slow it down and focus on that component.