Saamik TunumutLeft, Backwards3 points
Talerpik TunumutRight, Backwards3 points

Set Up
1. Stand in between the ropes facing an anchor.
2. Grip the ropes at your hips.
3. Support your body weight on your hands and bring your legs up between the ropes. Next, wrap them out over the ropes. (This can also be done one leg at a time.)
4. Cross your ankles.
5. Pinch your knees.
6. Grip the rope just in front of your knees with one hand, thumb out.
7. Twist to look behind you. Grip the far rope at your back, thumb out.
8. Drop your butt low in the ropes.

Directions – Backward
1. Pinch your knees together throughout this move.
2. Lean back and arch to begin the rotation.
* Pull on both ropes to stay in position.
3. Once upside down, rotate your hips to begin righting the ropes.
a. Your upper body will be extended out away from the ropes at this point.
b. The free rope must stay at your hip. If it slips under your butt, you will not be able to roll back up.
4. Pull on the ropes with both hands and tuck close to the ropes as you finish the rotation.
5. Slide your head over your knee to finish the move back in the starting position.

*Success on this move is dependent on your ability to stay in position and not let your butt drop while upside-down. To prevent this, it is important that you are pulling yourself up towards the ropes with both arms throughout the move.