Siumut Forwards 2 points
Tunumut Backwards 2 points

Set Up
1. Stand in front of the ropes.
2. Wrap your arms up, back, and around the ropes.
3. Grip the ropes with your hands.
4. Keep the rope as low on your back as possible.
5. Pull with your hands to slacken rope behind back.

Directions – Backward
1. Jump up.
2. Simultaneously, tuck your knees.
3. Arch your back.

Directions – Forward
1. Jump straight up.
2. Tuck forward.
3. Keep your knees tucked while arching your back to get your butt and legs over the rope. Once they are over, gravity will pull the rest of you around with them.

* This move is great for anyone who can jump high! If you can’t jump that high, you can also lower the rope a little to give yourself an advantage. This is a lot of fun, since it is ultimately like doing an assisted backflip. Again, going forward is much more difficult, so tackle going backward first.