SiumutForwards3 points
TunumutBackwards3 points

Set up
1. Stand in front of the ropes.
2. Wrap your arms up, back, and around the ropes.
3. Grip the ropes with your hands.
4. Keep the rope as low on your back as possible while lifting your legs so that you are hanging from the ropes.
* Keeping your back arched and pulling your arms in will help keep the rope low. In a sense, you will be kind of laying back on the ropes.

Directions – Backward
1. Use your abs to pull your knees in and bring your legs up over the rope.

Directions – Forward
1. Slide your hands in so that you are gripping the ropes closer to your body. Your elbows should be touching your sides.
2. From hanging, lean forward and straighten your arms so that your body extends below and away from the ropes.
3. Using your shoulder, back, and core muscles, arch your back and bring your butt and legs over the rope.
* Keep your knees bent throughout.

*This move requires a great amount of core strength. Note, the forward direction is rather difficult and places a lot of strain on your shoulders.