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Siumut Forwards 2 points
Tunumut Backwards 2 points

Set Up
1. Sit on the ropes facing forward with the rope most of the way to your knees.
2. Grip the ropes on either side with thumbs out.

Directions – Forward
1. Pull in with both arms.
2. Tuck forward to begin rotation.
3. Once upside down, arch your back dramatically and “kick” your legs over your head.
*Straightening your legs momentarily at this point can help you obtain additional leverage so that you can complete the move.

Directions – Backward
1. Pull in with both arms.
2. Lean back and arch your back to begin momentum.
3. Once upside down, tuck tightly forward and push against the rope to push your butt back over the rope.

* Going backwards is more difficult that going forwards.

* This move is known to cause blisters. Although gloves are not allowed in competition, you may choose to wear them while learning this move.