Saamik Siumut Left, Forwards 8 points
Talerpik Siumut Right, Forwards 8 points

Set Up
1. Sit on the rope facing forward and grip the rope on either side, thumbs out (like ingilluni).
2. Shifting your weight to one side, bring your opposite foot onto the rope. The top of your foot/ankle should be on the rope.
3. Shifting your weight onto the foot on the rope, let go of the rope temporarily with your opposite hand to bring your free leg over the rope. Grab onto the rope once again.
4. Lift your leg that is now behind the ropes and hook your heel over the rope right above your hand.

Directions – Forward

1. Lean forward without tucking to begin rotation.

2. Pull in with your arms and lift yourself with your folded leg, extending your leg slightly.

*This will help keep you in position.

3. Arch back dramatically to bring your knee over the ropes followed by the rest of your body.