Greenlandic Competition Rules

Duration: You will be allowed 30 minutes to complete as many move as you can. This includes both low and high ropes. Remember that this book only includes the low ropes.

Order: You must perform all of the moves in the proper order listed on the scoring sheet. This book lists the moves in the order that they must be performed. You may skip moves that you do not want attempt and will simply not get points for the moves you skip.

Attempts: You may only attempt each version of each move once.

Judging: A panel of three judges will watch you perform each move and if done correctly, will award you points.

Age Brackets:

Girls and boys: 4-6 years, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-14 years. Young /junior girls and boys 15-19 years old.

Women and men: 20-34 years old.

Older women: 35 years or more

Older men: 35-49 years old.

Senior men: 50 years or more.

Other events:
Note that this is one of many events in the Greenlandic National Championships. Other events include a short and long race, individual and team rolling, portaging, a relay race, and throwing harpoons.Disclaimer: These rules can change from year to year.

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